Beyond Resilience

My first glimpse of the potential and possibility of the Three Principles understanding was during the Nepal earthquakes in 2015. In the midst of a volatile, uncertain time I found an inner source of resilience, resourcefulness and ease.

I’d only begun my explorations a few months before that by watching videos from the Three Principles Conference in London. When I found myself shaken and afraid, I realized this was going to be a defining moment- I was going to find out whether people are the victims of circumstance or whether we really do have freedom in any situation like these teachers were saying.

What I found was that my internal life of feelings and experience was independent of the external happenings in my life.

During those weeks after the earthquake I found my internal state could fluctuate between optimism and fear even if nothing changed on the outside- it was still Day 7 after the earthquake, aftershocks were still coming, the future was still uncertain and the enormous task of relief and rebuilding remained the same; yet my feelings about the earthquake, my life and the future could vary wildly from moment to moment.

That showed me the freedom we each have internally to experience life differently.

Since then, it seems to me the richness of that insight into the nature of how we human beings create our experience has continued to deepen and unfold. My sense of ease and light-heartedness has increased as has my optimism about life.

Grateful for the gifts and practical value this has brought into my life and work, I’ve begun to take this understanding into businesses, non-profits, communities and schools.

Convinced that people have untapped potential to resolve every challenge they face, I’ve started to reach out to a broader community of change makers across Asia and have begun the conversation of how we can better understand and resolve some of the biggest challenges in the region.

3rd Annual Global Telesummit

Transforming Community from the Inside Out

This is your personal invitation to come along and hear some of the most impactful transformational stories from people working on the ground in community. Find out just what is happening – the difference a simple understanding of the Three Principles is having within communities.

You will hear how these facilitators started working with some of the most underprivileged in our society, and just what is possible when these folks hear that they are not broken and that there is hope.

Join International Business Coach and 3 Principles Facilitator, Sheela Masand, and the Center for Sustainable Change for a free-of-charge 5 day Global Telesummit (two sessions per day) beginning Sunday 18th October.

If you can’t make the calls, no problem, we have you covered! Register anyway and you will have immediate access to instructions on how you can receive the full set of recordings plus other very special bonuses.

Transforming Community from the Inside Out features some of the most effective and profound “3 Principles” speakers of our time, many of whom have won awards for their work, and who have worked “on the ground” in communities through government programs, school programs and volunteer programs.

Including teachers and community builders like Dave Nichols, Ami Chen Mills Naim, Dr Bill Pettit, Michael Neill, Dicken Bettinger, Jack Pransky, this Telesummit promises to be an insightful and profound learning experience that can help communities the world over to begin to transform themselves, one heart, and one mind, at a time.

In schools, corrections, domestic violence programs, policing, and homeless and mental health services the world over, an understanding of the power of Mind, Consciousness and Thought–three fundamental principles that shape every human beings’ reality–are transforming communities from the inside out.

Here are just a few examples of the results being achieved within communities:

  • 80% reduction in school truancy rates
  • 75% reduction in school discipline referrals and suspension
  • 62% reduction in violent crime
  • 100% reduction in homicides
  • 74% reduction in assaults



Thank you so much. I cannot say how many times this Telesummit I was moved and inspired, and full of gratitude and appreciation for what you are all BEing and doing in the world. I did not hear all the calls, or the whole of some, but I knew from the first that I was most definitely going to buy those recordings and listen again and again. There is so much you have brought to us here to whet our 3Ps appetites and to drink from on our Journeys.
It felt like a vacation with the best people I could ever hope to meet. Informative yes, but the pleasure factor was huge
Found the series very useful and both consolidated my learning and opened up new possibilities

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